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Narin: The Orange Room

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About the Game

Narin: Orange Room is a third-person survival horror game. Play as 'Narin,' a 7th-grade primary school kid whose sister unexpectedly disappeared. One day, She got caught up in one of her school's secrets and ended herself in the mysterious world during the twilight hours.

Narin had to fight, survive, and confront the terror. She need to locate all of the clues, solve the riddles, and delve further into the stories that had occurred at her school. Help her in finding her sister and solving the mystery.

Stay Alive

Once the twilight comes, Wild ghosts will show up in the haunted dimension, and will stay in their location throughout the school. Narin needs to carefully proceed along each room in the school without detection. Learn their behavior and overcome them by completing the puzzles. If something goes wrong, run to hiding spots and allow them to pass, or try to outrun your pursuers. It’s not a good idea to be spotted.

Daytime Or Twilight

Explore mystic stories in the school not only in Twilight Time, but also in Day Time. Inspect clues from Narin’s friends, gain more evidence, to fill up the mysterious jigsaw and solve those mysteries to pave the way for the secret behind.

Explore And Discover

Those ghosts are fatal and rampant. Narin has to stay hidden from them by using equipment, or Narin’s action; hold her breath, or sneak through the way to go deeper into the mysteries , uncover the truth behind this school, and help Narin’s sister back.
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