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Nanook’s Revenge

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Nanook's revenge is a Vampirism and Troll & Elves like game.

Nanook is a deity seeking revenge against the A.I. that killed all humans. As inevitable as the human fate was, Nanook was not happy to lose the humanity he cared for. While humans were alive, it was believed that this deity decided if a hunter deserved to find and hunt bears to survive. Nanook then punished those who violated his codes. For thousands of years, Nanook received sacrifices from humans and offerings like weapon, hunting tools and maybe the most important, knowledge. Learning from observing humans, Nanook now can steal and use the technology created by this new type of life: the robots.

Since the A.I. were too preoccupied and focused on how to exterminate the human race, they never stopped to pay attention to other supernatural beings that could exist. With the human race now extinct, it is now the time for the robots to focus on gathering resources and becoming a better civilization that humans only dreamed for. However, for the machine big surprise, they did not anticipate the problem that Nanook could pose to all that they achieved after exterminating all humans. In order for they to continue to prevail, they need to exterminate this sorry excuse of a bear.


It is now your time to choose if you are siding with the Robots and trying to kill this bear god, or if you are taking Nanook's role and destroying all those sad excuse of metal.

Nanook's ability include a set of skills that allow him to track and immobilize the robots. With every successful hit from his claws, he can gather resources to upgrade his suit and modify all aspects of his power.

Robots have the ability to build walls, towers and other constructions that allows them to gather resources from the earth. Although these robots are very weak and cannot fight alone, they excel at building structures.

Nanook's Revenge is a multiplayer game, and a minimum of 4 players is recommended to play.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Well I cannot say if it's good or not 'cause there are servers are empty so well. However I see the potential of this game and I want to see how it develops. Maybe start some advetizing or something like that to make this game alive.

Review from Steam

nanook got his revenge

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