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Mystic Ruin: A New Dawn

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Mystic Ruin: A New Dawn follows the protagonist Faust and the remainder of his crew after crash landing on a strange new world. Slay beasts, gather treasure, and most importantly learn the secrets of this strange new land throughout your adventure.

MR:aND is a prequel to the 2007 text-based MUD (Multi-user dungeon) Mystic Ruin. Set two hundred years before the events of that game, your adventure begins shortly after the Earth starship Lancer is damaged while investigating potential mining opportunities in the 55 Cancri system. After the crew crash lands on a habitable but dangerous planet in the system, survivors inhabit a long abandoned town they simply refer to as The Outpost.

· RPG Maker 2003 engine gives a truly old-school 2d rpg feel reminiscent of early 90's PC and console games.

· Quest based system of advancement which gains your heroes notoriety as you complete tasks throughout your travels.

- Main story quests are required before you gain the means of moving on to another area of the map. High notoriety gain.

- Side quests aren't necessary to complete in full for the endgame content to become accessible. Lower notoriety gain but you can unlock secrets.

- Repeatable quests are simply to make money to improve your gear and buy consumables. No notoriety gain towards advancement.

· All heroes have a powerful custom special move they learn at higher levels which is unique to that one hero.

· Multiple party configurations made possible by a custom coded party switching event system and camp zone.

· Different paths through the game, hidden treasures and map areas all ensure a high replay value.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Such a cute and retro adventure-type game! Brings me back to the days of playing old Mario and Zelda games on my Gameboy. 10/10 would recommend to anyone wanting a nostalgic-like trip!

Review from Steam

Wow. This really takes me back. I love it.
Well written, and fun to play.

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