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My Little Dog Adventure

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In My Little Dog Adventure you play as a little dog that discovers the world on its mission to find its way back home.

It's a short emotional story-driven exploration game that will keep you interested with an immersive story and lovable characters.

What to expect?
  • A sweet little story about a lovable dog and friendship
  • Story-driven gameplay and puzzle elements
  • Changing perspectives in storytelling and gameplay
  • Several huge environments are waiting to be explored
  • Many secrets that are hidden and are waiting to be discovered
  • Experience the world as a dog
  • Become friends with other animals
  • A lot of fun and emotions are waiting for you
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Well, if you like to play walk simulator with a chance of losing your way in the places where everything looks the same, this is for you. I guess.
Levels have holes on the floors and walls, I dropped myself by accident in a pond and was stuck there for a while. I also got stuck between tombstones.
And everything looks the same on the stages!
It's way easy to lose your way to find those memory crystal thingies.
And the fox voice acting was the worst I have heard in a long time.
Not saying this game had any better voice acting anywhere, but...
And there were no cutscenes, nothing.
Characters are just standing still puppets.
Kinda boring if you ask me.
100% walking simulator, not "a game" at all.
At least it had a happy ending...

Review from Steam

The game is great for relaxing a little. Why a little? Because if you get carried away, you can get stuck there for a long time.
9 cute dogs out of 10!

Review from Steam

Ламповая и достаточно простая игра.Подойдёт тем кто устал от постоянных действий и сосредоточенности на чём-то важном.

Review from Steam

Unusual game Little Dog Adventure-stylized three-dimensional platformer with puzzle elements, telling about a guy and his dog. This is a super adventure game in which you can feel like a dog.
A loyal friend puppy runs next to him, travels in absolutely beautiful and mysterious lands filled with various wonders and bonuses, and will not leave his master for anything in the world.
You can take down objects, jump, run, or just move slowly. And of course, no game is complete without obstacles, traps and dangers
The game is really cool! This is a 3-dimensional game in which you have to quickly move around the house, caves, forests, tropics, different parts of the planet and complete all the crazy tasks that you get.
There is an incredibly exciting gameplay, a pleasant game, I recommend it to fans of achivok (they are easy to earn here), the game has a beautiful concept of the game, music and atmosphere, simple controls, a lot of different actions, the game is filled with kindness and positive, it's relaxing and fun!
This game is quite fun and will help you relax properly!
The idea 10/10
Implementation 10/10
Musical accompaniment 10/10
Graphics 10/10

Review from Steam

Before buying the game, I looked at the pictures, which turned out to be very colorful. I bought the game and I was attracted by it with its graphics and ease of action. The game really lives up to its expectations.
P.S: The graphics are similar from the Dota 2 game)

Review from Steam

A fascinating adventure game, with a great atmosphere and a good soundtrack, a good story, an excellent game to kill a couple of hours and have a great rest in it, suitable for people of any age, excellent graphics and good optimization, I do not regret the time spent in this game

Review from Steam

The game I liked very much captures its atmosphere and good graphics we play as a little dog. The plot in this game is simply divine and the variety of actions is many. In my opinion 10/10

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