My Ex-future Family

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My Ex-Future Family is a choice-driven adult Visual Novel focusing on young life of 23 yo man. Play as a man who suffers from amnesia, helps members of his family, seduces girls and MILFs (if you know what I mean). You may influence on girls with your special character points. Some girls love good boys, some loves bad asses 😉

The choices you make will affect on storylines and lead you to open all secrets of the game. Remember all!

You have an amnesia and you should rebuild you memory and all contacts. You should instruct your figure in other members of your family lives. Communicate with girls and use them to your own interests. Girls that surround you have different characters and temperaments so you should remember it when you communicate with them.

Our game contains a quiz part (not big but simple). Some mini-games made game more interesting and more interactive. Additional options are cheats and event, it helps you to repeat scenes and make game easier.

We include some free roams in our game to make gameplay different!

My Ex-Future Family is packed with 360+ animations and over 6000 arts.

You will play more than 8 hours and the most interesting that you could replay game to open other scenes, girls and paths.

Have fun with MEFF!

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