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My Dream Sport Dating Simulator

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Do you like Sports? Do you really, really like sports? Enough to date one of them? No?... Well.. this is awkward. If you change your mind, oh boy we have the game for you.

Do you need to know something about sports to play this game?

Of course not! This is just a funny game that makes fun of pop culture. If you know how to read you are overqualified.

Live your best scholar life and date 7 amazing and not insane characters, while you try to become the next big sport that will take over the world (preferable by non violent means, but don't discard anything yet).

Each character has Two endings and a lot of side routes/content and minigames.

Do the characters in any order, the game is flexible like that yoga lady you keep meaning to talk to at any second now.

There is also a unique day state system that gives bonuses with different characters according to events on the night before.

So what are you waiting for? Lose the last glimpse of sanity with our game.


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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Puuh this is a really strange VN. The premise of the story alone is pretty crazy, but the entire writing and dialogue is very over the top and doesnt take itself serious at all. This could be a recipe for a fun time, however it never got me to laugh and just didnt fit my humor. Furthermore this game takes your choices into account and also tells you if you picked the right or wrong choices however even if you only pick the right choices you will still get the bad endings which is really frustrating. The only way from what I can tell to get a good ending is to use the suns that pop up at some of the characters at the choice on who to meet up with (this mechanic is mentioned in the description). There are also some small minigames for some of the characters, which some can be alright, but the one for aquatic sports for example is just frustrating as the time to react sometimes is just impossible if you are unlucky and one error completely destroys your try for the minigame.
I also dont like that it doesnt really matter if you get the good ending or the bad ending as there just isnt an ending at all. Its just a did you do good or not indicator and you get an achievement. There is no extra story or anything though. Also the game is actually really short like you can finish your first route in maybe around 30 minutes.
The art itself is also only average, except for the cute chibi versions of the characters I liked those. The Translation is alright, but still has some minor mistakes and the wording sometimes isnt quite right, but that shouldnt be a reason to put you off of playing it.
Overall, it just didnt hit my sense of humor and everything else about this VN is just very average. It also is quite expensive considering that you can finish it really fast and mixed with the frustration that some mechanics caused my I just didnt really had much fun playing it. I wouldnt say that it is a bad game per se, but it isnt a game that I personally enjoyed much. If you yourself however like quirky and super weird and wacky stories then you might like it for what it is. There atleast isnt anything that was a big negative against it that would get me to give it a thumbs down, it just also didnt offer anything that would get me to actually recommend it.
Score: 5/10 since it just is well average for me :)
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Review from Steam

I have been playing a little bit this game, is pretty funny, the chibi art make me laugh a lot. The music is actually very good too and the story has many diferents routs and interesting and funny characters.

Review from Steam

Great writing, very funny and witty.

Review from Steam

The art of the game si really cute and the character make you simp for them hahaha. The story is fun and weird. The developers listen to the player opinions and make updates frecuently.

Review from Steam

<-- Review written for 3 Point Play -->
Sport Dating Simulator is pretty much as it the title implies, a little comedic sport-themed dating simulator, you'll be literally dating anthropomorfized versions of a few sports, like Football, Polo, Tennis and a few other more far-fetched ones such as the concept of Aquatic Sports, Extreme Sports and even Chess (which actually is the most appealing of the whole bunch)
Now, I've mentioned you'll be literally dating, but that's kinda not what you'll be doing, at least, I don't think any date I've ever had was like what's presented in the VN: For instance, Chess' storyline has both you and her trying to start a revolution in order for intellectual sports to be recognized as proper sports, that's a pretty interesting commentary by the way, I didn't really like sports until I was like 15 or so, but I always liked playing chess, and I was pretty happy once I found out it actually was a sport, but most people actually fail to recognize that.
You'll also be doing some mini-games, such as dancing 80's music, picking up plants whose fruit is actually a little box of french fries, or doing some librarianship (I actually liked that one on a personal aspect)
The objective of the game is to achieve all endings for all the characters in a single run in order to unlock the final day in the story, which I'd guess has an epilogue. The story is pretty charming, and the plot is mainly a comedy. The visual novel aspects of the game are presented in a pretty unique way, as all characters only have 1 sprite each, but they also have a chibi representation of themselves in the UI where the text is displayed to portray their different emotions.
Overall, I'd say it's a really compelling little story if you're feeling like reading something that has no issue not taking itself seriously at all. I found myself laughing a few times through the reading I've done so far, specially when they mention the "ghetto blaster", I find that kind of slang really amusing. Would like to see more from Chess someday, she's cute.

Review from Steam

Bizarre and interesting history 10/10

Review from Steam

I feel that the game would benefit from more secondary missions or activities to complement the open structure of the campaign, it also has minor spelling mistakes. That aside, I have been liking it a lot until now, and no doubt recommend it, specially on discount.

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