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Mulite Sword Man

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MULITE is an action role-playing game that focuses on the collocating of operation and gameplay. In addition to being good at swords, the player's magician swordsman can unlock a variety of different skill growth routes, and Light Rogue Elements are integrated into the traditional ARPG gameplay. Different from the 2D shooting and horizontal action of the Rogue-Lite games, "Mulite " pays more attention to the collection of equipment and the planning of skill routes. In more and more random explorations, players can explore the unique game system and get rid of the fettering of evil forces.Scenes

Elaborate pixel-style maps, different styles of scenes, each challenge is different.Battle

The EA version has 70 skills and 7 talents, which can provide a refreshing and diverse combat experience. At the same time, the game also incorporates the hard-core elements similar to FTG games.Equipments

The 2D avatar system results in an incredible amount of work and takes a huge amount of energy in equipment image production. At present, the EA version has more than 60 weapons and equipment, and important equipment has its own appearance. Every equipment has its own characteristics and quality, and players can also perform mosaic synthesis.
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Review from Steam

<-- Review written for 3 Point Play -->
This is a really hard one. Again, it's one of those situations I wish that Steam had the option to have an "Informational" option here, instead of the binary Yes/No options it offers, because, for this one, I'm not sure if I can recommend, yet it is not a bad game.
My first impression was pretty rough. Booted up the game, watched the intro, which was pretty cool, and then appeared in the main hub, ready to do some ARPG stuff. There were some red flags in there, such as a really broken english translation, which could be the fault of a translation machine, or an unexperienced english speaker. I'm not a native english speaker, as in fact, my main language is spanish. So I can, in most cases, forgive bad translations, and I've seen a lot of them, since I'm a big VN fan, and most of the translations for them are done by fans (Japanese to English) or by translation machines such as Google Translate.
I can't, however, forgive a bad translation here. Since the game is 2D, and fast-paced, the info must be on point, be accurate and be useful. As soon as I leveled up while on a dungeon (after dying a few times, because the monsters do a lot of damage and you can be spawnkilled as soon as you enter, because there are a lot of monsters and they can stunlock you to death) I got some options to do my level up, but they were really, really hard to understand. I ended up going with the Stab technique and used it a bit, not sure of what does it actually do.
Same goes for the story here, while I did manage to understand what happened to the hero in the intro, the fact that the Warden who has you as a slave speaks in a really weird mix of both formal and broken english makes it really hard to get into the story, which combined with the fairly clunky gameplay doesn't make it appealing at all.
I wish to like this game, since I see it has some potential and other than that, I'm sure there's a lot of love put into it. But at it's current state, I can't really recommend it, specially considering that issue with the translation.
There are a lot of things that this game needs, but again, this is an early access title, so you might want to wishlist and pick it up once it becomes a full release and it gets some polishing and much needed features (such as a proper gameplay-tutorial + intro prologue), a good translation, and some fixes so you don't have to abruptly end your run over the fact that 10 spiders can gang up on you, and leave you with less life than when you wife left you and took the kids.

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