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Motorcycle Travel Simulator

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About the GameAbout the game:This is a casual motorcycle driving game, but also a purely realistic travel game. You can ride a motorcycle to travel in the vast open world and enjoy the magnificent scenery!

Dynamic day and night cycle weather system, real physical simulation driving system, realistic landscape, immersed in the relaxing travel, forgetting the troubles in the beautiful scenery.Forever young and always free!We are trapped in the forest of steel and cement, Lost on the endless roads in the city, are you eager to return to nature? Do you desire freedom?

Set off, riding a motorcycle, speeding freely amidst the roar of the engine, heading into the vast wilderness, covered with starlight and moonlight, Facing the wind and rain.

I don't want to start when I'm old,I love freedom and I’ll start now.

Forever young and always free!

Nothing can hinder us, because nothing is more beautiful than driving a dream!

free to feel

free to think

free to live...
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

First off I would like to say that I love Motorcycles, and this game I thought was going to fit in well,, I was given the game from the Dev and will express my honest view.. I do like the game But it seems to be a survival game first and foremost. I would have thought you would start with a bike {a cheap one} and work up from there but no such luck & then hunger and thirst start to kick in so you head off to make ways to combat that stuff. I thought there would be stuff to do along the way to earn $$ or food and try to save up for better bikes and stuff.. I coulf have bought the cheap dirt bike to start but had to go to the vender to get rope & food & water { that goes down too fast } so now i'm trying to get money back. The game needs work and it needs mouse sensitivity adjustments. The dog is with you everywhere but can't seem to do anything with him. The tools wear out really fast and day and night change much too quickly. It is a beautiful game but needs tweeks. I will come back and review again when it has matured a bit.. I was so hoping to give this a fantastic review but it is just not what I expected.. Hopefully it will get better.

Review from Steam

Great game idea, but failed in execution, Glad it was a free download an didn't waste money. Hope it improves in future but for now needs a lot of fixes

Review from Steam

At the moment the game is raw and a lot of bugs

Review from Steam

This game is not bad. It's medicore

Review from Steam

I purchased this long-expected game yesterday on Early Access state.
There is no music played along, only the engine sound. I expected to experience more maps of amazing scenery while driving.
I do hope the full version of the game will be completed as soon as possible.

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