Mother Nature: Balance Broken

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An RPG adventure set in the Wild West, this game follows four young adults as the unravel the mysteries of their world. With the aid of the “Spirit Animals”, they are given beastly powers that allow them to become powerful warriors that fight for justice. In a world filled with danger and intrigue, come find out the many adventures they’ll have along the way!


40-60 Hour Campaign with a focus on exploration and party-building.

Choose to develop over 15 Spirit Animal Classes with different skills and abilities to aid you in combat!

Semi-linear story structure that allows the player more freedom to explore.

Original Artwork by The Catwizard and David McVittie (UrFavoriteEevee)

Fully original music track list Composed by the incredibly talented Cameron Mazzia, otherwise known as Mantis.

Thousands of hours of passionate and heartfelt work fueled by coffee and ramen.

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