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The daily life of a Reaper apprentice in MORLUSH. You have to go to different parts of the magical island, to fulfill the reaper's order, on your way you will encounter various dangers and monsters. Arm yourself with the best weapons that the reaper can provide you and go on an adventure. But be careful the enemy does not sleep.

MORLUSH is a 2D platformer with rpg elements. Pump up your level, upgrade your weapons to make it easier to deal with the enemies you meet in your adventure.

One story, but many events.

Participate in the role of a reaper apprentice, take a task from the task board. Decide on the goal and location to which you want to go and step into the portal! Train on monsters with different weapons and get better.

Exploration of the magical island.

The game features 4 main biomes. Each of them is unique, having certain enemies and a story boss.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

MORLUSH is a simple 2D platform game with rpg elements.

Review from Steam

Simple RPG game with cool visual style. I liked it

Review from Steam

In general, the game is not bad, but it lacks dynamism. Need some speed.

Review from Steam

Pretty interesting design and visual style in general, but I wish the character would have moved faster.

Review from Steam

Very interesting casual walkthrough, great fit

Review from Steam

Well, a good platformer. Quests and fun levels.
Various monsters. Control of the game responds super.
I played a little, it's a cool game and it's inexpensive.

Review from Steam

best game i have ever played, very inspirational, money well spent

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