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Monster of Nyum

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'Nyum' is mean much of idea, start to form the reality.

People name a it 'GueYi'

From Love, Happy, to jealous, Sex etc. There are much of 'Nyum', 'GueYi' is born from 'Nyum' also have various character.

Among those 'Gueyi' a 'Ruin' appeared to destroy all of them, and this world almost collapsed, but managed to survive by driving him out due to righteous 'GueYi'

However, the 'Nyum' to be destroyed was an object that could not disappear as long as there were people, so 'Ruin' did not disappear, and it was just sealed.

So many years have passed since then, the seal of "Ruin".


1. At each turn, choose an trial to overcome and earn rewards.

2. Use rewards to grow.

3. If you can afford it, try the ordeal according to the boss summoning conditions.

(We plan to add fun by adding various quest routes to the summoning conditions through future updates.)

4. In the boss battle, summon as many bosses as you can handle and defeat them.

5. Extract the Nyum-Soul from the boss you caught later. The more difficult the difficulty, the higher the chance of obtaining it.
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