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Monster Dungeon

Monster Dungeon Screenshot 1
Monster Dungeon Screenshot 2
Monster Dungeon Screenshot 3
Monster Dungeon Screenshot 4
Monster Dungeon Screenshot 5

《Monster Dungeon》is a pixel Roguelike game, You can collect resources or materials in the game to craft equipment,tools,items, or enter the monster dungeon to challenge powerful monsters.Features

  • Randomly Generated Dungeons – Experience a new dungeon each time you play.

  • You can chop trees, mine ores, harvest plants, Use the resources and materials you collect to craft equipment,tools,items.

  • You can use the souls to upgrade your equipment.

  • You can challenge epic giant monsters in the dungeon.

  • Permanent Death, But your equipment will not disappear. This can reduce your frustration.

  • Multiplayer game (to be determined), Adventure with your buddies.

  • There are many interesting settings waiting for you to discover!
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