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About the GameMinigame Madness is a frantic multiplayer party game where you compete against friends and strangers in a massive, ever-growing collection of unique free-for-all minigames to earn awesome loot and shiny badges!


  • Massive ever-growing collection of fun and unique free-for-all minigames!
  • Back-to-back minigames in Arcade, last-man-standing in Royale, and co-op in Teams!
  • First- and third-person gameplay with keyboard and controller support!
  • Customizable player avatar with unlockable faces, clothes, accessories and more!
  • Daily challenges, global leaderboards, achievements and badges!
  • Detailed gameplay statistics to track and compare with friends!
  • Players vote which minigame is played before each round starts!
  • Custom private servers with personalized minigame playlists!
  • Frequent updates with new content and features! (100+ minigames planned)


A massive, ever-growing collection of frantic free-for-all minigames! Knock friends into the abyss in Sumo Shamble, dodge hundreds of Blazing Bullets, and pass the bomb in Explosive Exchange. Minigames of all types will be added regularly, with over one hundred planned!


Play casual minigames back-to-back in Arcade, be the last one standing in Royale, or join forces with your friends in Teams! Designed to be played with up to 16 players online, or solo with bots! Experience the madness in first- or third-person mode, with keyboard or controller.


Earn coins by playing, get gems by winning! Coins can be spent to randomly unlock awesome faces and stylish clothes; while gems can be used to design the Mub of your dreams! Finish the daily challenge to spin the Wheel of Madness and win epic capes, cute pets and more!


Features countless challenging achievements to unlock, shiny badges to earn and cool statistics to showcase on your customizable player profile. Compare with friends to see who’s the best, and check your ranking for each minigame daily on the global leaderboards!


All players get the chance to vote for one of three minigames before each round begins. The three options are automatically selected based on worldwide popularity of the minigames and the players in the server. The minigame with the most votes gets played!


Official servers are hosted by us all around the world, but you can also host your own private gameroom just for you and your friends. Customize the madness in your server to taste by creating a personalized playlist containing only your favorite minigames!


We plan to continue expanding Minigame Madness in content and features indefinitely. We even have some crazy luxury ideas, including 16+ player support, fully competitive single-player bots, new modes like Ranked with skill-based matchmaking and custom minigames!

The growing scope may change the price in the future, but once purchased you will always have access to the game. It’s great to have you along for the ride!

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