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Miko Mole features charismatic Miko with a passion for shiny gems, who is on a mission to become master thief by collecting enough diamonds on each level to open its exit to progress. It contains 6 challenging environments with 40 levels per world for an impressive 240 levels total. Dig down, dig deep, and uncover precious gems for Miko, but be careful, as each level requires quick reflexes and cunning strategy to avoid the many obstacles, surprises, traps and tricky puzzles, not to mention the many enemies such as bats, skunks and rats. When you get stuck, certain objects of the environment can be manipulated granting access to otherwise inaccessible areas.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Miko Mole is a casual arcade puzzler. As Miko, you strive to "steal" diamonds from an evil mega-corp (of course), becuase you can, and female moles are renowned for their love of shiny stones. Probably.
Despite not having any real USP, what Miko does, it does very well. Equipped with a rotor a lá Inspector Gadget, you can fly, dig and walk through each level, accumulating the required amount of diamonds to proceed to the next. Miko has 6 worlds, and each world has 40 levels. (That's 240 by the way. It's a lot). As each level goes by, the difficulty increases, and with each new world comes new enemies, puzzle mechanisms and abilities to ensure a continued challenge and freshness.
In terms of Steamworks, Miko offers trading cards, and a clever achievment collection that challenges users to achieve a specific target on specific levels, as well as the usual achievement for completing each level with 3/3 stars. Miko also offers full controller support.
At €4.99, Miko represents very good value, with a lot of content and replayability. It's easy to pick up, and will be popular with all ages.
Miko Mole is another Steam release from Ensenasoft, a Mexican studio with a strong catalogue of mobile titles. Miko Mole is also available on PS4.
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Review from Steam

This game captured my attention because my toddler daughter is so infatuated with the game.
Miko Mole is a clever blend of the puzzle, strategy, adventure, and platformer genre. Throughout the gargantuan amount of levels, players will face a myriad variety of challenges some of which are more difficult than others. Some levels are straightforward while others are more intricate and the difficulty does not necessarily progress in that order. Some people are complaining about the graphics, but I argue that they are adequate if not appropriate for the game. Miko and his co-stars are adorable. Additional elements are added as the game progresses which keeps the game refreshing, but they don't appear until later in the game.

Review from Steam

For a Boulderdash clone, it's pretty cute. The fact that the level starts before the camera finishes zooming on Miko caused a few deaths, and the fact that it's in 3D rather then 2D makes some of the physics less predictable then its ancestor, but on the whole these don't really mess with the general feel. Also given the small price tag, I think it's not trying to reinvent the wheel too much.
Miko's little helicopter pack thing also makes the gravity of the Boulderdash genre a little more visually logical for me.

Review from Steam

Miko Mole:
Ok, where is my orange helmet? Here it is! My backpack, my ingenious flying equipment, my cool dance moves. . . I am pretty much set to go! Here I come, my little diamonds, my names is Miko. . . Miko the Mole, and I am on my way to become a master thief!
Miko Mole is an arcade puzzle game where you take control of a cute Mole with a tendency to like shiny rocks. The only small predicament Miko finds is that the diamonds are owned by Evil Corp and they will make it difficult for Miko to steal them.
The aim of the game is to collect a specific number of diamonds within a time limit to open the exit grid and progress to the next level. If you do that well, you will be rewarded with three golden stars and points at the end of the level. You will have plenty of obstacles to avoid, and you will also have to avoid being caught by the likes of bats and rats.

Miko Mole has six challenging worlds in which to play, consisting of 40 levels per world. A whopping 240 levels in total. I find the first world quite easy to achieve the 3 golden stars but when you move to another world, you will find it quite challenging. In some worlds, you will not only have to deal with rats, bats and other animals but you will have to be careful not be seen by cameras, and avoid lasers, sonars, machine guns, boulders and more. However, you can use the boulders to your advantage by dropping them on your enemies’ heads. Some of the worlds will have switches which trigger doors to open. Usually these switches are in the middle of four colourful lights, and next to the light you will also see levers. Activating the switch initiate a light sequence. You will need to reproduce the exact sequence by pulling the levers next to the lights. It can become very tricky when you have flying bats all around you or machine guns shooting at you! Poor Miko . . .

In some levels, you will need to use dynamite to open a path, picking up crates or boulders that obstruct your way.
This game has cute graphics and an enjoyable soundtrack. In terms of the controls, you can use the keyboard, but I would strongly recommend using a gamepad. In my opinion the controls could have been smoother.
- Cute graphics
- 240 levels and 6 worlds to beat
- The ability to move to another world as you wish
- Good price point
- Fun to play for all ages
- Achievements and trading cards
- Controls could have been smoother
Miko Mole is a fun arcade puzzle game for all ages - everyone needs a cute mole in their game library!
Key provided by developer/publisher for review purposes. Any opinions expressed are entirely my own!

Review from Steam

Personal Review for Miko Mole
In Miko Mole we control Miko, a charismatic mole that are finding gems for his collection. We need to hurry if we want to get a 3 stars rating at the final of level, and it gets more challenging and fun because we have a lot of traps,surprises and much more things that can kill us. The game has a large amount of levels and it's really small in size. The game is also cheap and features Steam Trading Cards and Achievements.
Fun and Challenging Gameplay.
Huge Amount of Levels.
Really small in size.
The music keeps looping,but's ok.
Challenging and Fun Puzzles,Huge amount of levels, and a game to play with the family! What can go wrong here? Absolutely Nothing.
Recommended Purchase!

Review from Steam

Miko Mole is a great family game that puts players in control of Miko, a mole who is stealing diamonds from the Evil EvilCorp. As Miko, you will need to traverse level after level of puzzling maze-like designs that are comparable to DigDug complete with evil mole-killing bats.
Great family game (could keep a young one occupied for some time)
controls are intuitive and clear.
No mouse needed.
Levels do need a bit more vareity
Story isn't entirely clear
EvilCorp did nothing wrong :p
OVERALL: 8.5/10 (Classification: Family Puzzler/Time Killer)

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