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MicroWorks lumps players together into the Nexus - a central hub comprised of small game towers, where players compete against each other in a series of fast paced microgames designed to challenge your reaction times.

Earn points and climb the scoreboard by successfully performing microgames faster and better than your opponents. Smash objects, jump over laser beams, run through obstacle courses, solve trivia questions, grab a crab - microgames are aplenty in our game of chaos.


Every game ends in a boss stage - a longer and more involved minigame, taking place in its own unique & custom designed stage. Farm score in a last-ditch effort to shift the tides of war and come out on top at the end!

Ghost hunting, kart racing, and even wild west standoffs are only some examples from our diverse pool of options.


  • An abundance of microgames, with nearly 150 different ways to be tested in the Nexus!

  • 15 boss stages.

  • Multiple gamemodes (along with team variants) such as Scorematch, where players compete to get the highest score, or Survival, where failure means death, and the last player standing wins.

  • Modifiers are selected at random per game to shake things up in ridiculous ways.

  • Up to 16 players in a server, as well as the ability to play alone.

  • Customize your player character with your own colors and workshop cosmetics - speaking of which:

  • In-Game Editor for cosmetics, and exposed scripting interface for custom microgames.

  • Mutators allow you to change almost every setting of your game, including the microgame rotation! Hate a specific microgame? Just exclude it from the match.

  • Steam Integration: Stats, Leaderboards & Achievements offer vast replay value.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I never write reviews for Steam games. I don't think anyone cares what I have to say.
But who wouldn't make an exception when some of your best friends released their own game after 2.5 years of hard work?
The game is very fast-paced, yet I find myself more often drawn to slow-paced or even turn-based ones. I usually prefer singleplayer games, yet this game is decidely social. I prefer games with a beginning and an end, but this game never ends - in a positive sense.
Bias? Probably. But this labour of love is fighting an uphill battle in the modern gaming market - no MTX to adorn your character with, no battle pass, no live service or seasonal content - just a Workshop editor, a game that you play for fun instead of as a job and updates that arrive exactly when they need to. Just like the old days.
I implore you to try the game for these reasons alone. Unless your reaction time and/or reading speed's just not what it used to be, then it may not be your cup of tea - but man is it fun either way. You've got my word on that.

Review from Steam

basically an online party game on steriods.
Fast paced and addictive!
Check out some gameplay here:

Review from Steam

I jumped into MicroWorks after only seeing the trailer, and after playing the fast paced, WarioWare styled microgames let me tell you, this game is super fun. The game has its own identity, and its own microgames to boot, and it is fast paced and never slows down. If you like the rapid styled microgames with friends, MicroWorks is 100% worth picking up. The game can be adjusted to never speed up if you're more casual and want to just chill and play some silly microgames with friends, or you can say screw it and make it speed up after every round. The bosses are unique to other games similar to this (such as TF2Ware and RBLXWare (yeah it's a roblox game i know but shut up)), not to mention the art style is far far different to the other games similar to this.
Also, there is workshop support, and it's damn easy to use! It's as simple as importing an .obj file from any application, like blender, and positioning it to the dummy provided, corresponding to the correct attachment and uploading it to the workshop. Being unique in this game is far easier than other games with workshop support, since all your rigging is done for you.
Overall, I look forward to MicroWorks' future, and whilst I may be hasty writing a review for this game only an hour and a half after release, MicroWorks has great groundwork for success so far, and even if you only play it with a couple of friends, it is pretty damn fun.
My opinions still stand after 60 hours, and I must admit, the leaderboard system in game has brought out the sweaty side of me. I didn't expect myself to be sucked in with trying to get the most wins, or the highest score in a vanilla game, but my god has it been fun. This game isn't even competitive, but seeing that number go up hits a dopamine rush in my brain like no other. (someone please help)

Review from Steam

TF2Ware 2 is here!

Review from Steam

Pure fun, a real social moment.

Review from Steam

Highly recommended competitive mini-game arena that you will enjoy playing with your friends... or enemies. >:)
The game really runs smooth, and a lot of different variety of fast challenges to enjoy while battling your score to the top. Char customization is great, and it supports workshop, with many options being added on daily basis.
Whether you suck in these mini-games or not, one thing is certain, you will have fun in Microworks. I am not even good at these fast-paced games being 'mature & slow' and all but still having fun while trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Becomes even more silly and chaotic with lots of people, which can't be bad at all. Almost always anchored at bottom but I will work my way up, just you wait! :p

Review from Steam

A friend linked this, and convinced the group to all buy a copy. We've absolutely loved it so far, the varied games and minigames are fun and engaging, and I can't wait to see more.
The customisation for lobbies is good, I would like to see a boss rush mode with just the major games once more new boss games are added, and I'd like to see a way to set the intervals for boss rushes more often between games, something like 10 minigames and 1 boss game etc.
The character customisation is what hooked me, I got to immediately find some good assets and start wearing them, no cost, from the workshop.

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