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Mexico, 1921. A deep slumber.

Mexico, 1921. A deep slumber. Screenshot 1
Mexico, 1921. A deep slumber. Screenshot 3
Mexico, 1921. A deep slumber. Screenshot 5

Immerse yourself in post revolutionary Mexico City with: Mexico,1921: A deep slumber. An emotional and intriguing narrative adventure video game about the awakening of a country.

Mexico City, 1921. The country is wrapped in the recent consequences of years of conflict and revolution. Álvaro Obregón, leader of the revolution, is now at the head of a country with a brand new social constitution, and a population demanding education and human rights. With the help of intellectuals like José Vasconcelos and artists like Diego Rivera he intends to steer the country to a brighter future. Fast forward 7 years when President Obregón is shot and murdered under mysterious circumstances.

1921 follows the life of Juan Aguirre, a young photojournalist that will be swept by Mexico's whirlwind transformation to modernity, find himself inside the surreal revolutionary art world, rub shoulders with politicians and discover through his camera why Mexico ain't no place for the weak.

Get to know Mexico City’s zócalo, the old police inspection, the Secretary of Public Education, the National Palace and travel with Dr. Atl inside Popocatépetl’s crater to discover the birth of the galaxy. You’ll discover a world rich in details and historical references that will change the collective imagery of what it means to be Mexican.

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