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Medieval Apocalypse

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The main goal in Medieval Apocalypse is not only to survive as in previous survival games where you had to watch over the hunger, thirst, fatigue but the player will have to watch out for infection caused by zombies to not become one of them.

To survive in the medieval apocalypse, you will have to face a battle with zombies or even against players, but you can also build a common alliance together and to fight side by side together against Horde of zombies and conquer their nests.

The next step in staying alive in these difficult conditions will be to hunt wild animals, grow various vegetables, collect plants or even from the grain itself through the production of flour to the actual baking of bread. Follow a drinking regimen, watch the fatigue and also watch out for every single touch from the zombies.
You will also need to build some roof over your head and secure your background from various dangers and last but not least before the winter that comes with the snow. To survive outside your territory, you will have to sew, make or even forge armor and weapons.

Do you think that you can be left alone and stay uninfected? Or that you can conquer the remains of castles in which do zombies have nests? So you will have to find the answer to these questions yourself!

Let’s go and try to survive the Medieval Apocalypse.

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