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Maxwell’s Wicked Dollhouse

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The year is 1997. Skylar Maxwell was known for his research in biotech, realizing that the human mind is capable of connecting with in-organic sources, and using this knowledge to further the field of prosthetics. After a military buyout, he went silent, and this research became a distant rumor. Holed up in his private property in the tundra of Coldrock, he died a sudden and unexplained death. Everything passed down to his descendant, and that's when the oddities began.

The trees around the property began to die, mannequin-esque security cameras were placed on top of the walls, and more people began falling victim to human trafficking in the area. It doesn't affect your life directly, but you always hear the talk of the neighborhood, living only a few homes away. All you care about is taking care of your little brother Hunter after the death of your mother. He's lived a difficult life, and making it easier is all you care about.

But one day, he goes missing, and you discover that he's inside the Maxwell's land. So you break in attempting to find him...

You get trapped inside...

where nothing is as it seems...

Can you save him?

That all depends on you.

This game is made as a passion project by a single developer only anonymously known as Shimmer. I hope you enjoy the project, and I look forward to updating the demo and game as time goes on!

* Solve puzzles and riddles to find all the key items necessary to progress in an old-school Survival Horror fashion. There are very few jump scares, and the game relies much heavier on lore, storytelling, and a feeling of unease to create a horror atmosphere.

* Look at notes, interact with objects, and explore a world of environmental storytelling where everything has its place and a reason to exist.

* Watch your flashlight and make sure to keep batteries handy, and only use it when necessary. Remember to use your lighter often! It never runs out.

* Navigate a semi-open landscape, where the choices you make may change when and where items appear in the future.

* Watch out for mannequin dolls, Jade, Maxwell, and other bio-horrors. They all operate in different ways. Jade, for example, rarely fights head on.

* Find Save Rooms in a traditional fashion to save your progress

* You have no weapon. Running is usually your best option when encountered with an enemy foe.
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