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Master Bladesmith

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Build Your Arsenal

Craft more and more powerful blades.

Forge metals from raw ore. Smelt ingots and shape them into sword blades. Lathe wooden handles and piece together progressively powerful creations.

Custom Physics Code

Custom physics code allows us to use more targeted physics contraints to produce better results for very specific use cases. These systems can interact with and provide a layer ontop of stock PhysX interactions in the Unreal Engine.

Physics development footage:


Burn calories while busting targets and testing your blades in this exhilarating Role Playing adventure.

VR Interactivity

Reusable systems simplfy generic usecases for interaction in VR spaces. The systems can interact and influence each other in realtime to allow for unique play experiences.


Process ore by passing it through an elaborate washplant. Feed, grind, trommel and shake away all the useless rock to reveal precious ore. Then upgrade your machine, piece by piece, to find more quantity and quality of ore and gems.

Time Chamber

Once you have created your finest armaments, put them to test in this special chamber. Test the strength of your blades and armor, all the while collecting money, experience and loot. Every venture into the chamber will get you a little closer to the ultimate test.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I'm spending upwards of $2000.00 because of a $30.00 game. A Master Bladesmith review.
First off, I'm gonna start this game off with a huge warning that the game trailers are NOT cluing you in on. This game will be different than you expect just from watching the trailer. The trailer makes it seem like the practice chamber with all the flying targets is optional, or just a place to practice with your swords. it is NOT. it is a essential part of the game, and the only way to level up, which raises your smithing ability caps, which enables you to make new swords. There is also no outside in this game. There are no enemies to fight, nor dungeons to explore. in fact, the entire game takes place in a single structure, some sort of underground smithing facility that is seperated from the normal flow of time. In this facility, there is a smithing area, a weapon armory, a self-service store, a mine, a save room, and the time chamber (the place that the targets fly at you like in the trailer) It is then explained that you were trapped in here after a mine collapse, and the ghost of the former occupant, who set up all of this equipment, explains to you the only way to get out is to beat 1000 levels of the time chamber.
Now that the huge warning is over, let me explain to you why this review is NOT a negative one, despite the deception of the game trailers.
This game is the most realistic, awesome depiction of blacksmithing in any game I have ever encountered, and VR is an integral part of what makes it work. Taking chunks of ore directly from a mining machine, and melting them in a crucible, and carefully, ever so carefully, pouring the molten metal into an ingot mold, then taking that ingot, placing it in the forge, and heating it, then transferring it over to the anvil where you use a hammer to pound it into one of the pieces of a sword, which when joined with all the other pieces, makes a beautiful work of art. This is the core gameplay loop of this game, and it is incredible. One of the best things is the quality of the blades themselves are demonstrated, not just though the tags applied to them, but through the textures you see. if your blade is of poor quality, you will be able to see visible hammer marks from when you forged it. If your blade is pristine, it will glow slightly as your mastery of forging radiates from its perfect exterior.
Then there's the title of this review. That's right, I'm not joking when I said a $30.00 game has made me spend upwards of $2000.00. No it's not on micro-transactions, there's none of that BS in the game. instead, I found a love of this games mechanics so unfathomably deep, that I am buying and setting up my own forge IRL. YOU READ THAT RIGHT, this game's mechanics are so amazingly, mind-blowingly awesome, that I had to get in on it in the real world.
So all in all, while the game marketing may not clue you in entirely onto what this game is really like, and there are some features missing that I would love to see added way later (Such as smithing your own armor instead of buying it from a store.) This game has such a good core gameplay loop, that I am taking off the headset, not out of frustration, but out of pure wanderlust, and I am spending a considerable chunk of change on making my own forge.
8/10 I am spending $2000.00 because of a $30.00 game and that is a testament to how good it is.

Review from Steam

Crafting your own gear is quite the unique experience.
Game progression is extremely slow, not sure if its the intended design of a early access game.

Review from Steam

Do you know God Grid?!

Review from Steam

this game is honestly one of the most complex games I own, I constantly have to check the smithing guide to make sure I don't fuck up which just makes me apreciate the game even more

Review from Steam

i'll say, right off the bat, that this is a very tentative recommendation. i personally really enjoy this game, but i can admit that my standards for a good video game are very low. i've played 16 hours as of writing this, and i expect to spend many more hours playing, especially if the game is updated. but as it is, it FEELS very early access, and it has some serious issues that can make it a terribly frustrating experience.
the crafting, for the most part, feels really satisfying. i love the whole experience of smelting the ore, pouring the ingots, hammering them into the different components for whichever blade i'm making, and so on. like, even though i know that my pristine bronze short sword is identical to every other pristine bronze short sword made by literally every other player, it feels like this one is mine, ya know?
my biggest issue with crafting is the mining. i went into this game pretty blind, and i expected the mining part to be a little more hands-on. but no, it's completely automated, and it feels REALLY bad. honestly, the mining part feels like an idle game; you buy crystals to keep the wash plant powered and you just... wait. you have absolutely no control over what ore shows up at the end for you to pick up. this can be really, really frustrating when your current items don't have the durability to progress further through the time chamber, but you're still waiting on that last piece of a certain ore to make a stronger weapon. it's just so weird to have such a crucial part of the progression time-gated like this.
now, you can upgrade the wash plant, but there are six individual components that need to be upgraded, and each one is expensive. in my ~16 hours, i've only upgraded each part once or twice. don't even ask me what any of the upgrades do, because the game doesn't bother to tell you other than just naming the part that you're upgrading.
onto the most controversial part of the game: the time chamber. i really enjoy the time chamber as a concept. when it goes well, it feels really fun! though, it doesn't go well most of the time. like, when my sword inexplicably passes through a target without actually hitting it, and it takes a huge chunk of my health. or the game throws something at you that's physically impossible to hit, like a target that needs to be hit with the sword on the left, and an arrow that needs to be blocked on the right, at the exact same time. or it throws so much at you that the targets and mannequins are obscuring your vision and you simply can't see or react to the arrows pelting you. these kinds of things don't make me feel like i just need to get better at the game, they make me feel like the game is wonky.
the time chamber is just super janky, and it's almost always a frustrating experience. i imagine it'll be really fun once it has a bit more polish, but for now, it really sucks that so much of the game is tied to such a bad experience. it doesn't help that i play on an index, and, as many others have stated, the index controls are REALLY uncomfortable.
one final, possibly petty, thing that drives me completely insane about this game is the way it uses books as menus and whatnot. all of your crafting recipes/schematics are written in books (each "tier" has a different book that you can buy); you flip to the page that has the component you want to craft, put in on the anvil, and that's the component you get when you do the hammer thingy. sounds great! except when the recipe that you need is the very last one, and you have to flip through every single component of every single recipe before it... please... just give me a table of contents...
what keeps me coming back to this game is the crafting. it's satisfying and i love it, and i haven't found another game even close to this in VR. with some proper love and care from the dev (who has been extremely quiet on discord for the last couple of months...), i think it'll end up being one of the best VR experiences out there! that being said, if you don't have the patience for early access games that have that janky early access feel, you may want to pass on this for now.

Review from Steam

Personally I love this game, but I do understand what other people are saying by the tedious amount of time spent inside of the time chamber and how they would prefer a game more focused on the smithing, so if you want this game for the smithing aspect alone you might want to try find another.
I love spending time in the time chamber and as such I don't see the 1000(?) levels as much of a problem, I love finding out that oh noo my sword is too weak so I need to grind in the chamber so I can get the neccery equipment to advance, and in this sense it makes this a much more enjoyable game.

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