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Malfunction II

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Malfunction II takes place several centuries after Malfunction I. Featuring a beloved character from the first game; Dwenguil. You'll once again step into his shoes as he's awoken on a mysterious planet which has been long overtaken by the Plague. However. The Plague aren't quite the same as they once were. The Plague has unexpectedly went rogue on it's creators; causing a huge threat to the entire universe. Dwenguil must yet again strategize a solution to stopping the Plague- for good this time.

Malfunction II will keep the formula you know and love (puzzles, exploration, combat) and improve upon it. Featuring new character modes, new combat techniques, new lush environments to explore, and MANY new puzzles to overcome. Malfunction II is by far the biggest and most innovative project that Barlock Games has ever made.

(As of right now)
  • 5 Levels:With up to 40 minutes to an hour of gameplay, Malfunction II's first chapter will feature quite a lot of environments. From snow forests, caves and abandoned Pound facilities, to icey rivers and decrepit stone villages; Malfunction II was built from the ground up for exploration and immersion.
  • 8 Steam achievements From easy to complex tasks, earn some achievements along the way!
  • 7 Customizable Frames: For the first time, you can now customize your character in Malfunction! Simply locate Frame Modules throughout the world and apply them towards the designs that you prefer.
  • NEW and better ways to play: Malfunction II features easier and much more intuitive core mechanics that'll not only improve on the original but also bring new ideas to the table. Featuring instant mode switching & entirely NEW modes that'll help you navigate the environments around you.
  • Accessibility:Malfunction II will take everything from the first game and make it both easier and more accessible to simply jump in and enjoy the experience. Some of the most notable features include: Background message boxes (gameplay will no longer be paused), faster and intuitive menus; and interchangeable options so that you can play by your preference! Such as key bindings, various game options and proper camera control!
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

The first Malfunction was a great game; what a pleasant surprise it was to see that a sequel was in development. In recent years, sequels have just been shallow cash-grabs, but Malfunction II is different. It's like the jump between Grand Theft Auto 2 and Grand Theft Auto 3, or at least, it will be once the game is finished. It's still Early Access so I will wait for the game to be complete.

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