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Lumberjack’s Dynasty

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A unique first-person life simulation game of a lumberjack building up a business and founding his own dynasty.

Lumberjack's Dynasty is a unique mix of forestry, logging and life simulation combined with role playing elements. You start at a run-down logger camp which you slowly take over from your aunt and uncle to bring it back to its former glory. Besides the pure “lumberjacking” you can solve a large variety of quests and train many skills to become better and more professional along the way.

You can always and freely adapt your way of playing: Either quickly become a straightforward and professional lumberjack by purchasing, cutting and converting large forests into products – and, thereby – into your economic success without getting sidetracked too much. Alternatively, you can take more time to explore the full depth of the game and also let yourself experience the vast variety of additional possibilities - ranging from repairing and renovating your buildings and vehicles, over fishing, making honey, and growing vegetables to socializing with local folks, finding the love of your life and eventually founding your own family.

Either way, a lot of fun (and hard work) is waiting for you while taking care of your life while growing your company and transforming both into a successful Lumberjack’s Dynasty.


• Unique mix of forestry, logging and life simulation in first person view

• Quest driven story line

• Large, open world

• Plenty of individual characters to interact with

• Adaptable gameplay with huge variety of tasks

• Skill system – learn and improve your skills to become better and more efficient

• Economic system with different products and varying prices

• Control heavy machinery and vehicles

• Manufacture and sell logs, planks, bark and other wooden products

• Repair, rebuild and expand your home and other buildings

• Repair and work on specific vehicles

• Take a rest from your lumberjacking and follow other activities such as fishing, growing vegetables, collecting fruit, making honey and cooking delicious meals

• Earn social points and money as (partially interchangeable) currencies to further expand and develop your business

• Find a wife and raise a family

• Grow your Lumberjack’s Dynasty by making the right decisions

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