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Ludicrous Uprising

Ludicrous Uprising Screenshot 1
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Once, there was peace in these lands. There was tranquility. People were happy with their ordinary lives. They were glad to get by with what they had. Until one day, the most powerful wizard of the realm, Taeippa, not content with being the most powerful, attempts to become a god.

Things couldn’t have gone worse. Not realizing that the ritual he performed to become a God was a trick of the Devil, Taeippa opened a portal to the world from the depths of hell.

Thus began the children of the Devil’s thousands of years of chaos reign, who passed through the portal one by one to bring destruction and suffering to the land.

Castles and cities of men fell one by one. Only a few villages that no one cares about remains. Here, a spark for an uprising against the reign of evil, begins in one of these villages, with a villager no one cared about.

Ludicrous Uprising is a side scrolling JRPG with tactical turn-based battles, with awesome pixel art mixed with beautiful hand-drawn battle scenes and a ludicrous story that will crack you up.

Game is in early access and will be regularly updated after the initial release.

Join the (ridiculous) adventure of Kaemill and his allies in the attempt of freeing the lands of Prassa from the hands of evil Taeippa.

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