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LPTG, you may never know what it stands for, but it sure is a game!

You start out in the LP House, questioning the red man you play as. As you slowly exit and start wandering around the town and inside the various buildings, you notice there's a lot of things people want you to do. They give you quests, and you get to know a little more about the town and the people in it, and as you progress, you gain doorknobs and IQ points! Once you get enough doorknobs, you can finally open the door in the LP House, unleashing something you hope to add a lot value to this city.

Spend IQ points on a stand by the park, and you can get more doorknobs for post game content! There are many quests in the game, but many of them aren't required to beat the game, while still containing worthwhile content.

Thanks for giving this a try!
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