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Lost Horizon 2

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In the shadow of the Cold War, Fenton Paddock is facing the hardest fight of his life. While the tensions between the superpowers threaten to tear the world apart, the British soldier has to save his family that has been caught by powerful enemies. His adventure leads Fenton far beyond the Iron Curtain and finally onwards to mysterious, uncharted territory. He has to finally face the dark powers of his past and learn what it means to take on responsibility. • Legendary and mystical – Our Hero Fenton Paddock joins a new thrilling adventure in the shadow of the Cold War of the 1940s and 50s. On an exciting journey across the continents Fenton encounters new allies and obscure dangers which hold their own secrets
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Not so good as the first Lost Horizon, but enjoyable to play. It took me about 4 hours on windows 11.

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