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Loopback is an arcade-style scrolling shooter game where you will battle through waves of enemies, fight unique bosses, and build new weapons as you complete the loop. Enemies will become progressively more difficult and numerous as you advance through the rooms. You are only given one life, so remembering enemy patterns and weaknesses will be essential for success on the next playthrough.

2 Player local Co-Op mode provides an additional challenge with expanded playing area and difficulty. You can start game with 2 players or have another player join later in safe rooms.

* 13 themed rooms with unique enemies, bosses, and music

* Lane based movement

* Local Co-Op

* Permadeath

* Random level order
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

This game is addictive! I keep playing it because I want to beat it. Love the arcade feel. Music is fun, tool combinations are interesting, and there are hidden tricks/gems throughout each level.

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