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0xFFBADD11: The Planck-length world has been corrupted.

In this chaotic bullet-hell simulation, challenge your focus while killing enemies and dodging fireworks of their digital guts. Your hand will not be held. Your ability to use logic will be abused.

Fight increasingly difficult enemies as you progress through a triplet of enclosed rings in each stage. Accumulate upgrades from a massive pool that ensures no two play-throughs will be identical.

Players who love Geometry Wars, Risk of Rain, Robotron, or anything chaotic and immersive will also love LOGIC ABUSE.

Gameplay involves switching between fast-paced bullet-hell action and use of a retro terminal in order to alter the battlefield, and your character.

This is not an easy game. Do not buy this game if you like easy games.

  • Use the terminal to completely alter the battlefield.
  • Computer floating-point operations (FLOPs) are currency. Stack your upgrades by dedicating computational power to them.
  • Deck out your ship as you loot, and gain new weapons, armour, and abilities.
  • Themed for physics nerds, math nerds, programmers and computer-science lovers, but accessible to all types of players.
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