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Armed with nothing but your curiosity, streaming equipment, and insatiable need to impress others, you approach a long-abandoned house in your small town.

What could possibly go wrong?

LiveScream is a horror/comedy visual novel with point-and-click elements. Step into the role of an intrepid ghost hunter-slash-live streamer-slash-average high schooler and explore a haunted house with your adoring audience.

Play as a character you identify with! Customise your name, screen name, pronouns, and appearance.

Snoop to your heart’s content! Click on objects around the house to inspect them up close.

Watch your stream chat react to your choices! Win them over with your ghost-hunting prowess, or disappoint them with your cowardice.

Try to cross everything off your bucket list! With its short playthrough time of 20 minutes and multiple endings, LiveScream is an easily replayable game.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Super cute game, despite it being short it's pretty dense with content, different paths, endings, and humour. Finding all the secrets / achievements actually takes some exploring. It's a really well put together game and would be worth a buy based on that alone

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