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Live Labyrinth

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A living maze is drawn during its passage, and only at the end of the path do you understand what it wants to tell you
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Live Labyrinth is a 60 level maze game, with the last four levels local cooperative or remote play with a friend. The game starts with a monitor resolution selection window. You can also change the resolution via the level screen by clicking on the settings button in the lower left of the screen under the level numbers.
To navigate the maze you use the arrow keys. Most of the maze is invisible until you navigate to that part of the maze. For local coop and remote play the WASD keys are also used.

Mazes start off relatively easy, with only the beginning of the maze visible. The rest of the maze appears as you navigate through it. If you go wrong initially you start again with a mainly invisible maze until you've built up the whole maze structure. In the local coop or remote play whoever opens up parts of the unseen maze, the other player will also see it. To return to the level selection screen press the Esc key. This game includes 98 Steam achievements, most of which are very easy to attain. I earned 31 achievements with less than 40 minutes game play and I was taking notes and screen captures during that time.
For the price this is an okay puzzle game that is an ideal accompaniment to your morning or afternoon coffee/tea break. It would have been better if there were more co-op levels. with only four levels given over to cooperative play, it would only last a few minutes at the most before all four labyrinths have been solved. It would also be much improved if there was a level editor so that players could create their own mazes within this game.
You can see a full review including images and a link to a video HERE

Review from Steam

The game is not bad, I speak as a lover of labyrinths. The mechanics with light are cool. The only thing is, you can work with the complexity of the mazes themselves.
I also wanted to ask how to get the achievement "???"?

Review from Steam

As a person of science, culture and art, I can say that the creation of high-quality labyrinths has always been relevant, romanticized and praised in antiquity. From ancient times until the 20th century, artists and architects of many countries created labyrinths, but in the modern world, this art has moved into the digital sphere, gaining much greater complexity and utilizing the depth of algorithms.
As a (professional) gamer and fan of the indie genre, I can say that the game is a not so rare pile of shit. It is immediately clear that the game was created by imbeciles; terrible optimization, poor sound implementation, level design at the very bottom of the barrel! A PvP level was added just for the sake of shits and giggles, the only purpose of this this is game is achievement farming.
but a baj gave it to me for free so 8/10 Okayge

Review from Steam

fun little game x)

Review from Steam


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