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Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing

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Take to the skies on a magic broom!

Become a guest student at a magic academy and take on all sorts of high-flying missions in this VR racing game based on the hit anime Little Witch Academia!

Race other students on flying brooms!

Form a tag team with another student and take advantage of the magic items on the courses to snag first place!

Purify the Stardust Ghosts!

There's not just racing, but shooting action, too! Work with a partner character to purify the ghosts in ghost hunt levels!

Customize your broom!

Use the points and tickets you gain from missions to buy new brooms and their power-up items, Broom Stars! Make your very own broom for hunts and races!

Enjoy the skies with Free Flight!

Fly around the skies of Luna Nova Witchcraft Academy at your leisure with other players on online multiplayer, unlocked after you finish Stage 4!

(Online multiplayer requires a PlayStation®Plus subscription, sold separately.)

Each mission is accompanied by an original story! Enjoy interacting with the characters as you aim to complete your missions!

Akko: Megumi Han (JP) / Erica Mendez (EN)

Lotte: Fumiko Orikasa (JP) / Stephanie Sheh (EN)

Sucy: Michiyo Murase (JP) / Rachelle Heger (EN)

Diana: Yoko Hikasa (JP) / Laura Post (EN)

Amanda: Arisa Shida (JP) / Marianne Miller (EN)

Constanze: Rie Murakawa (JP) / Jennifer Alyx (EN)

Jasminka: Reina Ueda (JP) / Stephanie Sheh (EN)

Neby: Yu Serizawa (JP) /  Laura Post (EN)

Main Theme Song “Dream Flight”

Written and Composed by Yuiko Ohara

Arranged by Minoru Yoshida

Performed by YURiKA

Original Story:  TRIGGER / Yoh Yoshinari

Supervision:   ”Little Witch Academia” Committee

Director:   Junichi Yamamoto

VR Production:   UNIVRS, Inc.

In addition, on PS5™ consoles: PlayStation Camera adaptor for PS Camera is required (no purchase necessary) go to; for the best PlayStation®VR experience on PS5™ we recommend using a DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller.

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