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Liberation Mutagenix

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In Liberation Mutagenix, you must guide your comrades to freedom by whatever means necessary. Place flags to direct their movement, manipulate their genetic code to achieve the impossible, use jetpacks to open up new avenues of mobility, and take control of gravity itself to reach victory. And don't be afraid of a little sacrifice for the greater good. Everything's on the table.

  • Over 50 levels spanning 4 worlds

  • 3 genetic states, each with their own unique abilities and synergies

  • Unlockable end-game content offering new ways of completing past levels
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

As a spiritual successor to "Lemmings", "Liberation Mutagenix" provides a few hours of simple puzzle-fun. It's worth the low price if you're into the genre, especially since there are not too many games of this type available...

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