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Legends of Pindorama

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Legends of Pindorama is a game of adventure and exploration, that go after awake the brazilian history at the 16th century, in a 2D Style. Enter new lands, conquer them to the Portuguese Empire or help the natives to protect their lands and legends, explore forests, discover mortal and inestimable creatures, search answers in the middle of an unknown territory, with its rich fable in bizarreness and frights


  • Customizable character: More than 20 sort of outfits

  • Explore Brazil, with its forests and legends;

  • Pick your side: Will you help the Portuguese Empire or the Natives?;

  • Top-down perspective graphics;

  • Day and night cycle, with enemies variation;

  • More than 15 types of weapons;

  • Craft your own equipments.
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