Legend of Mushroom

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Over 30 million downloads worldwide! Officially launching globally on March 7th. Pre-register now for 3,000 pulls, Lava Dragon, Weapon: Smoked Ham, 1,777 Diamonds and more rewards for free.

Big adventure of a little mushroom! Role-playing with infinite levels!

One day, a lamp appeared amidst the chaos, shining on mushrooms and turning them into brave warriors. Since then, mushrooms have been embarking on adventures in search of more lamps and greater powers.

■ Cute Mushroom Characters!

A small mushroom embarks on a special adventure to become human!

■ Equipment Galore

No more farming in battles. Just tap the Genie to get all kinds of equipment!

■ Choose Your Class!

Even a small mushroom can choose different Classes and become an elite adventurer!

■ Unique Designs

All kinds of creative mushroom designs! Customize your own mushroom!

■ Boss Challenge

Join an alliance. Even small mushrooms can defeat evil dragons!

■ Strongest Alliance

Fight alongside friends and compete with other alliances!

■ Build Your Own Garden!

Protect your garden, mine for minerals, and catch thieves!

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