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Legacy is a single player fantasy RPG. Inspired by games like Fable, Stronghold, Sims 4 and Civilization, Legacy puts you in the middle of the kingdom you are building. You will need to gather resources, build a great many different structures and research new technologies if your kingdom is to prosper. You cannot control other NPCs, however you can assign them jobs and give them orders and dress them however you want. You play the leader of a tribe and if they should die before naming an heir you can select an NPC to play.

A year in game is about four hours of play time (subject to change) so you have plenty of time to develop your characters. As your legacy continues, you pass on traits through your genealogy and through training. In Legacy you live as the king or queen in your kingdom. You make the rules and you always have the final say. Exploration, city building, character development, combat and diplomacy how you play is how you build your legacy.

In time as your kingdom grows you will discover fascinating yet dangerous places in your land. World bosses and dungeons give you plenty to prepare for. You can train your troops, outfit them it the best gear you have and set out for adventure with dreams of great spoils and better gear. Losing people in battle however, can have devastating consequences. A good soldier might take days to condition and train.

Similar to other RPGs you need to make or loot better and better gear to take on bigger bosses. Some bosses require you to have help. So you will need to gear out your citizens and build an army. Although multiplayer is intended down the road, early on you'll be building raiding parties to lead into battle.

This game is being made available in the pre-alpha stage for you who like the medieval city building genre so you can enjoy the game as it progresses at a lower price than the finished version.

As the game develops past the initial release of version 1.0, updates will bring more expansions to the Legacy universe. The overall idea is to have a game where you start with a few people in the stone age and advance them all the way into a futuristic space age. Along with free updates we also plan to release DLC packs that offer different styles and types of objects that will appeal to different genres.
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