Last Chance in Xollywood

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Live the life of an extraterrestrial movie director in the intergalactic future. You work for Last Chance Productions, a low-budget movie studio full of sleazy, desperate, and eccentric aliens. Will you risk your health, sanity, and ideals to get the movie done on time and under budget? It’s a living! Sort of.

Last Chance in Xollywood takes place in Ingress, an alien metropolis orbiting Earth and populated by people from across the galaxy. Beneath its shiny, cosmopolitan surface lurks inequality and corruption on a galactic level. At least the rent is cheap! Just kidding. It’s not.

Key Features

  • Choose from 3 playable characters, each with their own story
  • RPG-like skill system with 9 stats
  • Relationship system with 8 characters
  • 90,000 words
  • Many choices and endings
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Age Verification
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