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Knightlife is an open world rpg with a great storyline and many side quests. There is a lot to explore and loot. Many different weapons and also spells are waiting for a worthy fighter.StoryThe main story procures with the four villages in Knightlife. The strongest village, Wintermoor, wants to conquer Goldspring, Maplehold and Belmount. You come along as a weak knight and get to know about the attack. You help the poor people and try to scare away the attackers. You make more and more allies who can teach you new skills and spells. There are many treasures and many secrets waiting for you in the big world. Some allies remain loyal, others do not. Save the world in Knightlife and make a name for yourself as the strongest knight ever!

  • Knightlife offers a varied open world with a lot of loot.

  • Improve your weapons and your bows at the blacksmith's or rather have them covered with a fire spell.

  • Or maybe you prefer to be a mage in general and change your swords with powerful wands. From explosive arrows to simple daggers, there is a lot of variety.

  • The villages have their very own system. If you help the inhabitants, your reputation will increase and you'll be rewarded with legendary equipment or exclusive quests. Besides, the villages evolve and expand their stores and houses.

  • Many small side quests make the world look alive.

  • Be wary of many different enemies, such as wizards, barbarians or even winter moor soldiers. There may even be boss fights waiting for you around some corners.

  • Specialize your character using the character editor and skill trees.
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