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Kira’s Contract

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1000 years ago, dark creatures from space holes invaded the earth. And Ilgralun is one of them. Conflict between the dark creatures occurred and Ilgralun became a sinner. He was imprisoned by his own allies in a dark prison. As foresaw the future, the seer named Kira helped Ilgralun escape from the dark prison. She successfully won Ilgralun's loyalty and persuaded Ilgralun to fight against the dark creatures.

From there, a blood contract was signed, Ilgralun and Kira, two different creatures merging into one. And with the support of each other, the two gave each other a tremendous power and they defeated the dark creatures and imprisoned them in the abyss. And so the days of peace gradually passed. Until one day......................

.....................................Grand Sorceress Loren frees dark creatures from the abyss to destroy this world. And Ilgralun, a criminal who betrayed his allies will be the first target for the dark creatures to hunt. And an event in the past happened once again, a blood contract between two different creatures continued to be signed. But both of them were still not strong enough to defeat the dark creatures. Because of that, they searched for more allies and their journey began here.


  • Intriguing storyline.

  • High difficulty.

  • Female Protagonist.

  • Beautiful graphics.

  • Attractive gameplay.

  • Diverse and attractive skill system.

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I played another game in this series called Dragon Slayer that I really liked, but this game is much more difficult. It is easy to be killed by the very first enemy you encounter. Plus the graphics are just a little bit worse than Dragon Slayer.

Review from Steam

Kira is the main character, who looks as gloomy asf, but unlike other protagonists, she's really funny in the fact that she just says it as it is, "You're a sacrifice. You're all scum. Magiks DA BEST. You're all idiots," to the NPC's nonetheless, who harp on about how hero's are legendary and actually look down on her. You travel around with 3 other companions who each help you win the battle. Every time you win a fight, you level up. BE careful having a member down when you defeat the last monster, as that member will be excluded from the experience points. I'd say investing in everyone's armour and weapons is the most important thing you can do, from the get go. Get those dragon rings asap. In the beginning, you can't really do much about it, but try your best to keep leveling up in weapons and armor. You're gonna notice a lot of the merchandise, you can only get with the blue crystal orb. These orbs are important as they get you access to the best weapons, armor, shields. So I'd do the battles and always look around, just for the sake of getting them. You can run away from fights. But sometimes you can't and that is when they attack you first and it hurts. A lot of the fighting is repetitive when you're in a specific zone. So i'd always keep trudging forward not dallying too too long. Unless you want to grind forever, be my guest. I'm that type of gamer, so it might not be for everyone. The music in this game is so wonderful and magical. <3 It really makes the game. <3 It's soothing and calming! And really gives it that feel. The controls for this game though are by FAR one of the best intuitive control panels I've come across in an rpg. Usually you have to learn what to do with a learning curve. But I feel like I've been using the control panels forever! There are some things that could be easier like equiping, but that's alright. One thing though! Sometimes it'll glitch! Like while you're scrolling done to buy some gear, it'll disappear. An easy way to fix this is just by scrolling up, until it reappears again and going back down, but slowly so it won't act up again. I wish the characters had banter/talk while they walked. But they usually run into some sort of enemy immediately, so SAVE SAVE SAVE. The fight music is pretty epic, though I wish there were more types. I really like this game and think everyone should give it a try on the account that for 5$ or less you get to travel with them and fight. It is getting HARDER to fight the end monsters, so that is troubling for me. I've died already 11 times with this current one I'm stuck with. It's a shame there aren't enough players yet to help me figure this out. T___T ahhh. 8.5/10. Give it a play!
Edit: Lol, For specific end game monsters, you need to level up accordingly. I kept dying at Darkness Zephyr because I think I need to level up more. Grinding in this zone is necessary. Also to fight him, you need to get a new strategy. Guard is important here and when to Life-change sacrifice. Keep those revives ready!

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