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King of my Castle VR

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In a medieval cartoon universe, from the top of an archer 's trick, above the drawbridge ... teleport yourself to different places to defend your citadel against the barbarian invasion that threatens it!

A horde of armed enemy storms your city, you are the last rampart to protect it!

Arm your bow and defend your city!

You are the archer, the last rampart, the last protection of the king's citadel!

With a teleporter, you can move to 5 different locations to defend the King's Tower!

A game accessible to the whole family, ergonomic for fast evenings with friends!

Guaranteed feeling of archery in an epic battle!

Welcome to King of my Castle VR! A Tower Defense in virtual reality!

A free DLC in a short time!

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

haven't played much of it but there doesn't seem to be much to it aside from getting the highest score you can before you get overrun. i don't see any sort of wave listing or counter. just a gradually increasing stream of enemies to shoot.
it's something you can play for a bit without having to worry about getting too invested in if you've only got a little bit of time to kill.
tower defense but you're the tower is an interesting concept.
i feel like there's more that could be done with the concept than this game offers but for the price it's currently at i'm not complaining.
if you've got a Vive and you get the KOMC_VR_Data folder error just go to the local files and rename the "KOMC_VR_Data" folder to what it's looking for. that fixed the problem for me.

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