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Killers and Thieves

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Take the city then take your revenge in Killers and Thieves, the guildmaster adventure from the co-creator of the Banner Saga series. You are the unseen master of a thieves’ guild in the medieval city of Greypool, taking ragged street rats and forging them into master criminals. Assemble and train a team of unique burglars, thieves and cutthroats then send them on daring heists across a sprawling city. Select your team carefully - do you want the agile catburglar, the master lockpicker, or the deadly cutthroat? You can’t always take everyone you need, and the city is full of surprises that will force you to redraw your carefully-laid plans at a moment’s notice. You decide the degree of risk: you could play it safe, but great riches await those bold enough to chase them—but then, so does the hangman’s noose. You are the guildmaster. Send your ragged crew out on daring heists to stake out targets, steal precious things, and even perform assassinations.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

A good game, but underbaked - needs more variety, better pathfinding & some polishing. It's a timer-based side-scrolling thieving strategy (alike 'action phase' in 'This War of Mine' with random level generation a bit resembling 'King Ludwig' tabletop game), also with thieves roster and a bit of trading, which sounds super cool to me, but overall clunkiness (UI lacks flow) and the 'samey' feel of it seriously undermine the potential here.

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