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Kensei is a branching narrative RPG where you can influence events as a Samurai, a Ronin, or a Monk. Set in 1612 Japan, the game features a historical fiction based storyline which ends with the most famous duel of all time. Explore the world, have conversations with the colorful cast of characters, find items to help you in your journey, and see where you end up.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

it's below average but i still see hopes for improvement ,i hope the developer still works on the game to make it better

Review from Steam

Short and sweet but pretty interesting. Be nice if it was longer but the game serves its point and does it well. Bringing historical figures to the story was a very nice touch. Worth the play.

Review from Steam

well, samurais walk sideways. now you know

Review from Steam

Very good game. I highly recommend to anyone interested in not wasting their lives. I cannot recommend this game enough!!!!!!!!!

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