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The court jester, Madion, wakes up by the king's lifeless body. A demonic curse has struck down every true citizen, and driven others to madness. Madion is torn between seeking the truth, helping the survivors, and a desire to escape.

From the author of Demonheart comes a new visual novel in a similarly dark setting, dealing with themes of murder, love, trust, and deceit.Features:
  • Story of over 90.000 words.
  • Selected lines are voiced over.
  • Choices to build, or re-build, a relationship with one of three characters: Lucille, Calix, or Edwina.
  • Collect "keys" - bits of information needed to progress the story and discover the truth.
  • The cursed kingdom is looping in time - you can use a flowchart to go back to certain choices.Characters:
    You play as Madion, the jester who has lost his memories. Having been forced into a life of chaos, uncertainty and deceit, Madion starts off feeling conflicted, jealous and spiteful. He needs to let go of his dark thoughts and redeem himself. You can make choices for him, affecting his relationships with the other characters.

    Lady Lucille was forced to live in the king's palace while he waged war on her homeland. Quiet and cunning, she adapted quickly. Lucille believes she understands Madion, and is always there to support him.

    An orphan of common origins, Calix received a favorable place in the palace thanks to his good looks and charisma. Some believed he was involved with the king, but Calix's eyes were set elsewhere.

    As the king's alchemist, Edwina used to follow His Majesty's every command. She is strict and slightly paranoid, with a cold exterior, but Madion sees a different side of her.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I loved this game.
Just as good as the Demonheart game and demonheart hunters games.
These three are some of the best visual novels I have played and I have been playing for over 10 years.
Great twists and turns, an excellent length, no plotholes like other stories or some quick shortcut to the end, everything explained, the best voice acting, art, and story you could every buy. It's a perfect game. And it was 8 hours long and I read pretty fast but I only did one ending.

Review from Steam

This game was fantastic! It has a bit of a slow, confusing, start and needs a bit of editing (some of the sentences, especially near the beginning were really clunky to read), but if you stick through (at least to the end of the first loop) you'll be hooked! This was a game whose mystery had me all the way to the end and did amazing with the reveal. It gets a little dark at times, but I honestly felt it could have gone darker! Of the three romance options, one of them is obviously the correct one and is so so so good! The others are nice, but clearly not as much of a focus. I do wish there were more choices to make (the more choice the better imo), but regardless I rarely felt bored or like I wasn't impacting the story. The choices you do make are HUGE and the game makes it really easy to go back and try everything (in fact it is strongly encouraged).
If you enjoy a clever story, good mystery, interesting characters, a sweet romance, and a middling amount of choice, this is a really solid game! Can't wait to see what this studio comes out with next!

Review from Steam

This game has been quite a surprise for me. In a good way. I have picked it up on a sale during the Holidays now despite never playing this kind of game before. I really enjoyed the story and the whole looping system has been interesting.

Review from Steam

I really enjoyed this VN. The story is not to complex considering that stories with time loops tend to be. Every loop you gain new information and with those you unlock new path. The chart is clear and makes it easy to go back to any event or unlock new paths.
The characters are not too deep but vary enough from each other. The focus is on the story anyways and not on romance. Of course there are scenes, but it is optional.

The only real downside for me was the voice acting. It felt out of place and I would have prefered none. I love Astras voice though. ? Also I prefer a customizable mc (at least gender + name).

Review from Steam

Edit: My username is just a happy coincidence

Review from Steam

This is another cute visual novel from the maker of Demonheart (my favorite). This one is more romance-lite, but it has a very good story line. I love that the MC knows nothing at the beginning (which is explained really well by the end why that is). You are figuring out the story as he is. And just as soon as you think you have a handle on what is really happening, there is another twist thrown at you. Very delightful! A very innovative story line with the time looping and ability to go back. It did get a little repetitive skipping through everything to get all the achievements, but overall a very nice game!

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