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Meet Jentrix! This game was inspired by the famous board game and combines the very best of Jenga, match-3 and Tetris. And it’s all packed in Virtual Reality!

We are pretty sure you know the classic Jenga, but what if instead of wooden blocks there would be colorful fruit cubes, the towers would grow every second, and crocodiles would try to bite your hands?

Jentrix mixes different sets of mechanics from everyone’s favorite games. Jenga provides its well-known look of the tower and tests your physical and mental skills. Match-3 brings its popular 3-in-a-row portion, while Tetris vibes will put you to the edge as the tower grows.

The game has 4 modes: Company with 40+ levels on different locations, Arcade with endless gameplay and leaderboards, Table Top with mini Jenga that you can enjoy while sitting, and Multiplayer to play with your friends or random opponents.

Key features


Interact with the fruits how you want: from throwing them at flying penguins to juggling!


Arcade — endless gameplay and leaderboards!

Company — 40+ levels and 14 various locations!

Table Top — if you’re tired, sit and relax with mini Jenga!

Multiplayer — bring your friends to the party or challenge random people all over the world!


Relax, reflect, unwind!


It’s Jenga you’ve never seen before!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

As its name suggests 'JENTRIX' is a cross between Jenga and Tetris as you have to pull blocks out of your tower in order to make sets of 3. But you can place them anywhere and there are a load of distractions like hand-bitting crocodiles and ice freeze birds that will cause you even more problems. It's colourful, simple to play and for the money, there is a surprisingly amount of content on offer here as well as a multiplayer mode! While I do wish there was a way to lower/higher the table height with one of the thumbsticks you can still reach up most of the time by simply playing standing. But adding that feature would make it more wheelchair friendly. I loved the game and only stopped playing it briefly to leave this review, but I am trying to do all the campaign missions which is going to take me a good long while.

Review from Steam

Funny game. Interesting for all who love classic Jenga. Good physics, especially cool that such a game supports the game over the network. About an hour with a friend played who is faster :))) In general, a great relaxing game.

Review from Steam

Shooting down flying penguins with vegetables is fun. The game is entertaining, the fruit jenga falls just great. Game is interesting and unnoticeable how time flies by.
Cute animals
Good physics
Funny vegetables
Interesting and fascinating mechanics
Many different game modes
Network mode (I haven't had time to try it yet)
Want more challenges and tasks
Need a mode of building and not just disassembling the tower
There is not enough third hand to catch fruits 🙂
Totally 4 out of 5 points. Cool game. 👍

Review from Steam

Bright, exciting and highly involving game. It seems to be in the 'casual games' section, but in terms of complexity, it is not that easy, especially towards the end of the game. I haven't completely gone through it yet. It is quite difficult to hit flying penguins with fruits. If you miss, and the fruit falls to the ground, you immediately lose a bird (a point). Due to such misses, I often lose(( And it’s also impossible not to throw friuts at the penguins, because then a lot of fruits in the tower freeze and it’s not possible to make the tower lower -> the tower falls -> you lose. For good throws at penguins, you need a lot of space in the room where you play Jentrix, and I don’t have much space at home( Maybe this is the reason behind my bad throws - I’m afraid to break the mirror and to hit the shelves that surround my 'VR space'.
All in all, I recommend Jentrix. This game provides you with an opportunity to unwind after a workday and to switch to another activity, especially after working at the office (sitting and not moving a lot).
I think it would be fun to play together with a friend, though I have not tried this yet.

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