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This game contains the JLPT-N5-level difficulty course, which is ideal for those who are just starting to learn Japanese, or those who are interested in learning Japanese but don't know how to start.

Details of the game include the pronunciation and writing of kana, as well as elementary grammar and syntax, of course the entire course is covered phonetically.

After the lesson, you can try to consolidate your kana learning in "Bow Dojo", practice your vocabulary memorization in "Kendo Dojo", and challenge the powerful grammar ninja to improve your Japanese ability in all aspects.

The program will summarize your weaknesses based on your performance and optionally reinforce them.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Very primitive, but concept of test in a form of mini games is cool! It's fun way to repeat Japanese alphabet! Looking forward to new content!

Review from Steam

This is an interesting game, especially for someone that wants to learn Japanese and knows nothing about it. I don't know Japanese at all, but this game managed to introduce me to the language. Will it help you to fully learn Japanese? No, but it's definitely a great starting point if you have no idea where to start or what to do. And it does have some really interesting mini games too. I would recommend, especially since it's not that expensive.

Review from Steam

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