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Into the Spiritwell

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Return to the River of Life

Into the Spiritwell is a hand-drawn roguelite 2D action platformer with online multiplayer.

Use elemental alchemy magic to traverse the lands. Use fire to melt ice! Evaporate the water to make steam! Ride the wind from the steam to float to out of reach platforms! Our sandbox particle physics engine allows your forest spirit to fight corruption and shape the environment around you however you want. Experiment with your friends to discover all the elemental combinations!

Lost forest spirits must heal the forest and return to the Spiritwell. Can you and your friends finally make it home?

  • Elemental Alchemy Reactions: Sacrifice your character to produce elements and combine them for powerful results!

  • Roguelite Progression: Evolve your magic between runs. The game will unlock new levels and biomes depending on the magic you discover.

  • Singleplayer and Online Multiplayer: Play the game how you want! By yourself or up to 32 friends in a single run!

  • Boss Fights: Bosses are both straight up fights and complex puzzles. Take advantage of their weaknesses with your elemental transformations.

  • Hand-drawn: The game is both hand drawn and animated. Enjoy the nature as your dive deeper into different biomes.

  • Cosmetics: Collect all the different forest spirit animals. Or just unlock the one that matches your favorite animal.

Unlock Your Potential

Your progress isn't completely lost if you don't make it home to the Spiritwell. You will progressively learn the magic of the forest and use it to push through more difficult challenges. Play through Into the Spiritwell as a chaotic and casual experience with friends, or as a hardcore singeplayer adventure to make it home as quickly as possible. There is no limit to the alchemy sandbox engine, so have fun tinkering while you play.

This game is for lovers of platformers with quirky mechanics... Or just people who think it looks cute!

Have fun in the forest and enjoy the journey home.
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