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INMOST, by Lithuania-based indie studio Hidden Layer Games, is an emotional and deeply atmospheric narrative-driven puzzle platformer. Uncover the story of an adventurous young girl, a stoic knight and a man in search of answers. Venture through a hauntingly atmospheric pixel art world 3 main characters, each with their own unique gameplay styles A knight adventures into the depths of a deteriorating castle. A child uncovers the past of an eerie house. A wanderer searches for answers. Lure enemies into lethal traps, solve environmental puzzles and utilise your scythe, hookshot and pickaxe to avoid a gruesome end! Discover a 3-5 hour emotional story, intended to be played in a single-sitting on a dark, stormy night Explore every nook and cranny to find secret passages and collectibles Featuring the vocal talents of Andrew Dennis and Cassandra Lee Morris Playable in 14 languages, including English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese Each pixel is placed with love! Features CORSAIR iCUE RGB dynamic lighting functionality for PC
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

E = Interact
Ctrl = Dodge
Space = Jump
Arrows / ASDW = Movement.
The game doens't really try to tell you this, and you can't remap the keys.
It is what it is.
Interface aside, this is a brilliant little story. Well worth playing.
Superb pixel art and lighting/weather effects.

Review from Steam

I've had this game sitting in my Wishlist for a while. Then a good friend had bought it for me for Christmas.
I never bothered to buy it myself, because at first glance it didn't really seem like my cup of tea. My thought process was, "Oh, it looks good, seems interesting enough but I'm not sure if I *really* want it." So, it remained in my Wishlist for.. 1 or 2 years. I can't really remember, just that it was collecting dust.
I spent a good chunk of time on this game. So, here I am at 3:30 in the morning and writing this review.
The music was spectacular for me. It'll either set you on edge, fit the environment that you're in, or in a few cases.. Set the mood for one of the scenes. Never a dull moment. The puzzles were intriguing and creative. Overall, they weren't too difficult to solve.
Other than the puzzles, sometimes I was unnerved in some areas. This game did well in catching me off guard and go into a slight panic a couple times.
Also appreciate that it wasn't punishing at all when you die. The setback is so small that you spend 5-10 seconds getting back to where you were.
I was really captivated by the lighting. It was well done in this game for pixel graphics. I also really enjoyed the SFX with whatever you were doing with said character in whichever scene (I.E. The Wanderer or the Child). It made the game feel more alive, like I was playing a human being inside the game.

I must admit that, at first, the story can be a little confusing. Once I had reached the end, it all began to make sense and it really punched me in the feels. I had cried.
This game is well worth the time I've spent on it. If you're apprehensive, don't be. This is a nice little gem.
And if you're one of those that's up for something different, then give this a try.
It'll definitely keep you entertained for 3-5hrs. I know it did for me.

Review from Steam

A story about pain, a story about love.... also a story about how much I hate steam review system lol
This is one of the most beautiful platformer I have ever played. The graphics and the score gives this game an extremely rich ambiance, able to move me without using any words.... mostly (more on that in a bit)
The gameplay isn't anything great, by anything, it's actually a major pain... ironically. It feels clunky and unresponsive. At some point during a segment I was supposed to move a box down, but the game wouldn't let me because the chair was one pixel off, even though it was pretty obvious visually that I should've been able to.
Every animation is slooooooooooooooow... unbearably so. It's kind of a good thing the game is short in a way, so you don't have to suffer long... ironically again.
When it comes to the story, it's where the game really shines. It isn't perfect by any mean, and gets pretty on the nose near the end, but it sends a pretty powerful message.
I kinda wish, weirdly, that there were less voice overs and even less text. As stated above, the game works best when it doesn't need to say words to convey a story. It doesn't get *bad*, far from it, but, again, too on the nose for my liking.
When I started the game I was really hoping for a good word-*less* story 30 mins in, but sadly it gets word-*ful* at the end. Kind of a shame, but the experience was still incredible.
Honestly if this game was any longer my review might've been negative, but hey, Steam's binary review system is still complete garbage

Review from Steam

There is something so true in this tale, so pure, it moved me to tears. The artstyle, animation, music are superb. I don't have anything more to say, I am left speechless. Thank you!

Review from Steam

Barely understood what was going on up until the end. Then I cried. 10/10

Review from Steam

Simply amazing storytelling. I guess the devolpers name is "Hidden Layer Games" for a reason. One of the deepest storylines you'll ever experience in a video game, with topics you don't typically see that often. But as fantastic as the story is, it's certainly one of the saddest and darkest I've ever encountered.
It's similar to "The Cat Lady" but not as depressing. Still, there is nothing "good" or any happiness in the game. The story, the characters, the world(s), the music, the art style. Everything top-notch, but always with that certain kind of sadness and melancholy attached to it. Because of this, I really cannot recommend it to people who are sensitive to such topics. For everyone else definitely a must have and well worth any money.
It's a bit hard to follow, but bit by bit you will realize the magnitude of the story as you play, and I personally managed to do it in one sitting, because i just couln't stop.
It's pretty short. I finished my first run in just over 5 hours and i will do an achievement cleanup afterwards. The game's only downside is the sometimes clunky controls. And the puzzles could be harder. Nevertheless, it comes very close to being a masterpiece. If you're in the right mood, so to speak.
Personal Score: 8.5/10
Ps.: I won it through Steam Gifts, but wish I had bought it myself at full price.

Review from Steam

Short, atmospheric game, great for Steam Deck. Worth playing.

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