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InFlux Redux

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InFlux Redux is a high-definition remaster of the 2013 puzzler InFlux, built on a brand new engine with improved graphics and physics, and completely rewritten game code.

InFlux is a puzzle game that mixes exploration and platforming in a series of beautiful natural and abstract environments. You are a mysterious metal sphere which falls from the sky, traversing an apparently deserted island dotted with cubic structures of glass and steel. Each glasshouse is a puzzle to be solved. Redux is prettier, more polished, and more performant than the original!

  • Roll your way through a series of beautiful and varied naturalistic environments

  • Discover and solve a sequence of mind-bending cubic puzzle structures

  • Forge an alliance with a majestic and enigmatic humpback whale

  • Enjoy an extensive original soundtrack by composer Jonathan Yandel

  • Experience the game that Andy Sum, creator of Crossy Road, described as "So beautiful I cried. Twice” when prompted to say something flattering about it
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