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Infinity Project: PATTERNS

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"Tell me, what is it, your ideal world?"

"Infinity Project: PATTERNS" is an urban-fantasy, horror RPG created and developed by the artist known as NEnd (NEndTV).

A story over a decade in the making, "-Infinity Project-" is a multigenre series which tracks the lives of a wide cast of characters in their journey to find a place to exist.

In "PATTERNS", strange powers and void-like beings threaten the struggling normalcy of the Nameless City, a hopeful region at the end of the world that clings to a past life.

Between the independent citizens of this city, its military government, and the dark forces that lurk below, who can say they really know the right way to live?

Perform fantastic animated skills and team attacks, explore and speak to the residents of the Nameless City, discover the secrets that lie just out of plain sight. PATTERNS features a deep lore that will expand into future installments of the Infinity Project Story series. As you control various characters, each with unique talents and powers, get to know one another at the end of the world.

(It is recommended to press F5 upon starting the game to enter Fullscreen)
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

One of the best rpg maker games I've played so far. I can tell a lot of effort, love and care went into this game. From team attacks, to voices for the characters, and creepy enemy designs, it's a real treat for any rpg maker fan out there that's well worth the price.

Review from Steam

an epic tale with a nice soundtrack and cool battle animations

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