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Infernium is a game filled with brutal challenges to overcome. While playing the game you won’t be able to kill or damage most of the enemies but at the same time running away without a second though is not the solution. While being chased you will need to think and reconsider your strategy and open hidden shortcuts while the world and it’s lore will unfold around you in a non-linear way making each playthrough diferent.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

This is one of the more unique experiences I've had in a game, in quite a while. The combination of beautiful worldbuilding, a very surreal and interesting set of game mechanics, a fairly compelling story and a nice balanced challenge made this one of my favorites I've played in a long time. It keeps you on your toes and the enemies keep the pressure on the player, forcing you to make snap decisions that could save you or kill you, forcing you back to the checkpoints.
All of this was great; it made me feel smart when I found the sequence I needed to do, it rarely made me truly frustrated that I didn't know what the hell to do, it was always a "I screwed up", not a "this game is bullshit".
That was true until the ending sequence. In which you basically have zero margin for error, and it's incredibly difficult. That single sequence did change this game from being a solid 9.5/10 to around a 7.5, maybe an 8 if I include the developers mod that slows enemies down; which I had to use to beat the game.
All that being said? Support this developer. Get the game, on sale or not; it's an incredibly fun experience, there's a really strange and surreal world in Infernium. The enemies have a unique design, there's a good amount of variety to them and how they interact with the player, and it's just a lot of fun to play. I had a real blast playing this and I think most people who like puzzles or a decent amount of challenge will get behind this.
If you don't want to play it, feel free to check out the series I did.

Review from Steam

Beautiful and original game which really draws you in. Honestly some of the worlds you come across just put a big grin on my face. The upside-down castle, the endless waterfall, all so imaginative and atmospheric.
The death mechanic is very unique and love how you can buy back lives if you want. Don't sweat it if you keep dying as this can lead to an alternative ending. And even after this you can claw your way back to the living again.
I've only seen a few enemies on my play-through so far. They can be a bit frustrating, but when you carefully think about each situation, they can be evaded quite easily, and sometimes entirely avoided as you can open up short-cuts as you progress.
There is a background story there, which can be skipped if that's not your thing.
I can understand this game might not be for everyone. It can be a bit slow-paced, but after a long days work, this is just what I need.
I've just completed one of Carlos' other games - Horror Tales: The Wine. Another wonderful world to explore if you enjoy this one. I've also wishlisted his upcoming games and can't wait to see what's next.

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