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Infected Battlegrounds

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Infected Battlegrounds is a battle royale shooter with a twist. Players fight to scavenge weapons and supplies while avoiding becoming infected. Dead players come back as the infected. Shoot everything that moves or team up with other players to fight off the horde of infected.Features
  • Battle Royale Mode

  • Vaulting

  • Play as infected after you die

  • Rare weapon variants with attachments

  • Play with your friends in a party

  • Escape in an extraction helicopter if you survive

  • Join mid-game as an infected

  • AI Infected (2 types)

  • 2 Open world map (Up to 2KM)

  • Time of day

  • Weather
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam


Review from Steam

Great game. Really like that its a mix of a zombie survival and a battle royale.

Review from Steam

This game is a blast! Its great to be able to become a zombie and get revenge on the person who killed you. Its definitely a work in progress so there are some things here and there that go wrong. The creator of the game is very responsive and accepting to constructive criticism. Its worth a shot in my opinion, and its always great to support developers!

Review from Steam

Infected Battlegrounds is a very interesting top contender of the EARLY ACCESS battle royale genre, it blends a very unique mix of survival aspects with a competitive PVP goal and at certain times it will make you choose between teamwork or pure survival for yourself if you are a competitive player, now remembering this is an EARLY ACCESS GAME and is still been polished EVERYDAY i truly feel that the game is been amazingly updated as much as physically possible by the devs, been part of the alpha betas i really got to see how many updates and bug fixes happend every day while adding new content on top of that, the devs are truly aiming for a COMMUNITY BASED GAME meaning everything that is noted/reviewed for the devs in either there discord page or in reviews is addressed with urgency and top priority,
-Shooting feel
-Recoil feel
-option between 1st person and 3rd person on quick key (T)
-dying isnt too bad because you become a zombie to kill live players
-actually is very easy to get into
-not really any loading screens at all
- helicopter escape at end draws in PVP contacts
-Graphics are amazing
-FPS 60 all the way on a basic PC
-escape = good payoff at end
-multiple ways of getting on the scoreboard (survival time, zombie kills, player kills, escape)
-zombies make it hard for people to camp which is AMAZING
-how funny some of the audio clips are with there "quake/duke nukem/Halo" style
-Needs a crate system as the currency is not able to be used just yet.
-needs more players
-brand new game so lobbys are a bit slow to fill up we need more players
-because of the lack of playerbase the devs are waiting to raise the lobby max to 50 then maybe more until the game blows up with more people.

Review from Steam

I strongly Recommend this game. The game has unlimited potential, and Im glad someone thought of a after effect when you die. I intentionally only did one match to show everything this game has to offer. This game will be alot of fun with your friends and alot of people in your server. Here Is my gameplay of my first match

Review from Steam

If you can't find a team this game is still a bit of fun, it gets really tense when there is a horde and you're trying to extract!
But the main point of the game is to play multiplayer, just finished a session with 8 others and we had a fair bit of fun. The gunplay is actually pretty neat, and having to worry about other players and zombies... and well zombie players too, it get's pretty hectic.
It's an early access game made by a lone dev, but it's remarkable how they've managed to bring everything together to make a decent playable game. On ultra, the graphics look fairly good, plenty of optimisation to come but I get a steady framerate while playing so I'm fairly happy with that.
The only detractors so far is the small uptake of the EA leading to a very small player community so you will have to pre-arrange through discord to be able to play multiplayer effectively, but the only solution to that is for more people to buy the game! It's listed at a reasonable price, and trust me while it looks barebones it actually has enough elements to make for a few hours entertainment a week with friends and I think that's more than enough for $10.

Review from Steam

I've been a closed-alpha tester for quite some time.
The rate of improvement and new features has been astounding. The developer really listens to feedback and implements improvements at great speed. I've watched the game grow into what it is today and I know that as it makes it's way through early access it will continue to improve exponentially. The game is extremely fun with a group of friends.

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