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In the Dead of Night

In the Dead of Night Screenshot 1
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You are a kick-ass nun, armed to the teeth with an automatic weapon and accompanied by an adorable kitty cat. The world has gone to hell and all sorts of demons and ghouls come out at night. Wolves, Zombies, Vampires — it makes no difference to the nun with a gun. Luckily you only have to survive the night, as these beastly bad guys can’t survive in daylight. Help your tiny kitty cat get to the quarantine zone and blast these maniacs’ heads off … In the Dead of Night!

  • Vertical-scrolling bullet hell madness across multiple game modes with local co-op
  • Battle classic movie monsters and Mexican folkloric ghouls in a hand-drawn art-style
  • Five playable characters with unique weapons and abilities, each with their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Heart-pounding carnage and blood-splattering chaos in every level


Character contextually selected according to what is happening in the story.

Collect coins to upgrade key items and skills

Collect cat food to unlock new game modes and characters

Unique levels and bespoke moments.

Drop-in / drop-out co-op (P2 is mirror character)


Compete for the high score and get as far as you can with 3 lives

Every 200 kills earns you a new life (1UP)

Shops provide your choice of random upgrades

Extra long levels

Super hard bosses

Custom difficulty settings

Drop in / drop-out co-op (Each player can select their own character)


Survive endless randomly generated levels

Only one life (Perma-death)

Each character begins with a unique load out

No two runs are the same

Couch co-op for fun with friends

Random boss every 500 kills

Random upgrades every 200 kills

Power-ups carry over

Casual co-op in all game modes

  • Drop in or drop out at any moment in the game, any mode, any time
  • Get the benefit of having multiple characters on the screen
  • Mix and match characters to combine special powers and abilities
  • No penalty for activating co-op, just more fun
  • Individual settings and options allow each player to play how they want
  • Multiple and split paths make co-op a unique experience

Caution Although debug keyboard bindings are available for keyboard they are for testing purposes only thus not documented or tutorialised in-game. Controllers are suggested for local co-op at this time. This will likely change by the time of release to facilitate all players.

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