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Imperial Arms: Curse of the Conqueror

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Imperial Arms is a grid-based strategy RPG set in a rich, fantasy world inspired by classical antiquity. Battle against the emergence of a sinister cult that has begun summoning vast hosts of undead to spread carnage across the continent. Discover and defeat the culmination of a dark agenda, centuries in the making. Navigate the intersecting interests of city-states, empires, and the ambitious power brokers within.

Prevailing on this deadly battlefield will require careful movement and positioning of your warriors, as well as thoughtful allocation of provisions and equipment to ensure that your small team is ready for any situation. The combatants under your command represent a variety of classes and battlefield roles, and further promotion choices for these classes will steer the composition of your party.


-A continent-spanning epic tale, unraveling a deep-rooted conspiracy across nations

-An eclectic cast of characters representing a wide range of personalities and combat styles

-Intricately crafted maps posing a variety of tactical challenges

-Terrain elements that influence unit positioning considerations

-A classic weapon counter triangle amongst three main types of physical weapons
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Full playthrough of Early Access here with suggestions while playing through the game:
First off the game was pretty fun and I do recommend it. Take the feedback with a grain of salt because I know this is a small development team and I'm just offering suggesstions, but some key points Mateus Doesn't seem to work, game would not let me use him at all. I do like this game it's very fire emblemesque, and plays pretty well there's a ton of options to speed up the game which is nice since there's a metric butt ton of enemies. Level ups feel kind of underwhelming since there's no skills and the stats don't seem overly helpful. I do like how OP you feel when you finally get the store and some sick weapons in chapter 4 if you open the chests. The sad part is they do the durability thing and there doesn't seem to be a way to extend the life of the weapon so when it breaks it's just like awh darn my character sucks again. Escape closing the game is the devil. There doesn't seem to be a full screen option or I missed it at the moment another option I didn't see, but would have liked is the ability to click on an enemy to start the attack it's not a huge deal, but it feels more natural than clicking a square from the enemy double clicking my unit to choose attack instead of just clicking the enemy running up and attacking. There's no positional advantage in regards to if the enemy is flanking you or your flanking them etc. which might be cool if there's a more difficult mode. I do like that there's a number of classes that feel differentiated by the items they could use, but I wish there was more ways to develop them I.E. Upgrading weapons/classes upgrading or just level ups seeming mo betta. There's not much of a tutorial either so while the game isn't hard to figure out it feels a bit clunky until you get used to it.

Review from Steam

First, Esc closes the game (which is VERY bad without a warning confirmation), so if you try this, be aware of that. Use "x" to get out of a menu.
Second, there are occasions where it shuts itself down for no apparent reason (this doesn't happen often, but enough that you should definitely save any time you don't want to potentially re-do anything -- and you can only save at the beginning of your turn or in between stages).
Weapons have durability, which isn't a problem, but they're a bit on the low side IMO. Then again, you're not supposed to be fighting everything you can (which I do)... You can't repair your weapons, but you will get the opportunity to obtain or buy others if you get far enough. Going to the door of a village (that hasn't already been sacked) will give you a "Village" option, which will give you something (I mention this because unless you've played Fire Emblem or similar, you may not be aware).
This is a short game, but done well enough. The 8 hours it says I've played includes some replays to check some stuff, and to full-clear the second level like I wasn't supposed to (apart from the main bad guy that it says not to attack -- really, don't attack him).
**minor spoiler** Go ahead and use your powerful weapons on the onslaught level: there isn't anything afterward, so saving them like I did will just be disappointing.
**for those that glance at the bottom line and read it before reading other stuff: minor spoiler above**

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